TLS Security & Speed

Over the past 2 years we have migrated all our OpenCart hosting across to the cloud using the Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

The benefits to our customers of this new infrastructure are:

  1. Upgraded and modernised platform architecture supporting PHP 7.x, OpenCart 3.x.
  2. Improved performance through the massive speed improvements generated by upgrading to PHP 7.
  3. The ability to increase speed and durability quickly by increasing CPU, memory and disk space,
  4. A modern and stable managed environment that continuously, upgrades minor software versions to ensure modernity,
  5. Snapshots of the website are taken on a regular basis to ensure a recent backup of data and files is always available,
  6. Variable levels of access for clients ranging from a simple File Manager to full, locked down SSH access is available,
  7. Global reach allowing clients with overseas operations to host in their local market.

Page Load Times

In addition we can review your OpenCart install advise on tools and extensions that can be employed to improve performance.  

Whether it be implementing and configuring caching tools,  reviewing and optimising images. Or other structural changes we can review and provide guidance on the best approach.


As browsers become more and more sanctimonious about websites without HTTPS:// we have a range of options available to our clients. This ensures your website, payment mechanisms and data remain secure and future proof.