Extension Development

Our Opencart Developers have created a number of extensions or Opencart plugins. Some examples are:

  • Australia Post Shipping Module,
  • TNT Express Shipping Module,
  • Flexirent Pricing Calculator,
  • RSS feed capability,
  • Secure Offline Credit Card Processing
  • BPay Payment Extension
  • Payment Surcharge Extension – based on type
  • Customised product feeds for Getprice, Google, ShopBot and MyShopping
  • OsCommerce to OpenCart export
View our Opencart Extensions

Write Opencart Plugins

We write or customise existing plugins all the time. So if you need something different from what currently exists don’t hesitate to contact us immediately for a quote and time-frame.

Recent Opencart Customisations

Amazon S3 for Large File Management: We have a few clients that sell audio and video content.  When you sell audio and video content commercially it needs to be REALLY GOOD! High resolution, fast to download and view – no links into You Tube here…so we have developed a little Opencart to Amazon App. that allows these people to host the files on S3 while the rest of the site is hosted…where ever. The files are secure, always fast to access and far less expensive than paying traditional streaming data fees.